Wendling Orthodontics is a practice dedicated to providing the best care to patients from Flint and the surrounding areas.  Our team understands that you have many choices when selecting an orthodontist and feel privileged to provide beautiful, healthy smiles to patients of all ages.  Our goal is to insure that our patients and their families have a smile on the inside that matches the fabulous smile we provide on the outside!  

State-of-the-Art Technology

We are excited to learn about new technology and continue to search for any product or service that will help us better serve our patients. Wendling Orthodontics has an Itero scanner! This sophisticated scanner produces a digitally generated virtual model of a patient’s teeth and eliminates the need for dental impressions in many cases. We also have integrated orthodontic software so that the computer next to each treatment chair can display any piece of information that we need including photographs, radiographs, and treatment plan at the time of you or your child’s visit.  We take our radiographs in a digital format.  Digital radiography provides high quality computerized X-ray images which can be enhanced for diagnostic purposes.

Friendly Service

We understand that our patients have a choice of many practices when selecting the orthodontist that works for them. That's why we make sure to show our appreciation when a patient chooses to work with Wendling Orthodontics. Our staff is warm and personable, our office is designed to capture the comfort of home, and we show extra care to our youngest patients.

Referrer Relationships

Wendling Orthodontics maintains strong connections to all of our referring dentists. We communicate regularly with these colleagues about everything from brushing habits to the latest fillings. This ensures our continued involvement in the overall health of our patients. We want to stay informed about the total wellness of our patients, not just their orthodontic needs.

Ongoing Engagement

We feel it's important to reward our patients for healthy behavior and let them enjoy the beautiful smiles they achieve with us. We have many patient contests with great prizes throughout the year that encourage creativity and provide great fun for kids in our office.  We also like to recognize parents, grandparents and all who work so hard to get our patients to their appointments with regular drawings for great "grownup" prizes as well.

The next time you are in our office, check out our Wall of Fame.  Here you can see many of the strong, wonderful smiles we have provided for our patients.